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Kiteboarding in prince edward island
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Private – 2 hour / Semi Private 3 hours

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Learn with the best Every Lesson Includes

Professionally Certified

Professionally Certified

PASA Certified instructors dedicated to providing fun and memorable learning experiences

BB Talkin Radio

BB Talkin Radio

We use the BB Talkin two-way radio communication, to help you get the most out of your lesson.

Quality Equipment

Quality Equipment

Partner of the industry leading Cabrinha kiteboarding brand. Providing safe and reliable equipment for student learning. 

Island Wide Instruction

Island Wide Instruction

We teach every where the wind blows, with multiple riding locations around the island.

Lessonshom 2

Beginner Lessons - $599 Introduction To Kiteboarding

Full 2 Day Course (6 hours) – Taught on land and in water

  • Day #1
    • Kiteboarding Safety, Equipment Setup, Flying techniques, Power strokes, 
    • Body Drags in the water, How to recover your board, body drag upwind.  
  • Day #2
    • Water Starts with the board, consistent riding, proper board angle
    • Develop upwind riding with board, ability to stop with control, 

Intermediate Lessons - $249 Learn How To Foilboard

  • Half Day Course (2.5 hours) –  Taught in water
  • Foil Saftey for first timers, Foot placement, proper board angle
  • Short Mast setup, Mastering the “Pump” and gaining riding speed.
  • Great for Intermediate to Advanced riders looking to experience foilboarding 
Foilboarding in pei

Advanced Lessons - $99 / hour Riding Progression

  • Taught on land and in water – Prices charged per hour of instruction
  • Perfect for students who have taken lessons but need some extra help
  • Beginner – Board Starts, Up Wind Riding, Jumps, Basic Tricks
  • Advanced – Unhooked Tricks, Kiteloops, Handle Pass, Foil Transitions
  • Great for all levels looking for a quick lesson to improve their riding

Our Booking Policy

  • Kiteboarding lessons are a wind dependant activity. With this being said we schedule you in for the dates you are available and then have a 3 day prior confirmation and morning of the lesson confirmation. Some times the wind forecast can change dramatically and it is our top priority to keep you in the loop so you are able to plan ahead if the conditions don’t line up. We try and communicate via txt or calling as this is the fastest and most reliable way. 

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